Roisin Murphy Wants To Overpower You

jharv | August 15, 2007 11:45 am

Ex-Moloko lady Roisin Murphy’s solo debut Ruby Blue was my favorite album of 2005, a mix of torch songs set to sumptuous house beats and fuzzed-out electronic glam rock co-masterminded by click-and-cut sampler whiz Matthew Herbert, with Murphy’s dusky diva voice as the album’s true star. From the forthcoming, multi-producer sequel, Overpowered (due in October), “Modern Timing” is a little less quirky than anything on Ruby Blue, but compensates by being Murphy’s most pleasingly direct slice of grown-up disco-pop to date, complete with Daft Punk voices as the Pips to her Gladys and strings to die for. If you can’t listen to anything Madonna’s done since Bedtime Stories without a single tear running down your cheek, this may be for you:

Roisin Murphy – Modern Timing [MP3, Link Removed]Rosin Murphy [Official MySpace Site]