Method Man Needs To Take A Lesson From Willie Nelson

jharv | August 17, 2007 2:31 am

methhhh.jpgProving that lawyers can have a wicked sense of humor if nothing else, Method Man has pled out for
his May pot bust and has been sentenced to…community service in which he will teach young folks about how drugs are not a good shtick to build a moderately successful entertainment career on. This is like if ODB had been given community service as a someone’s AA sponsor. Choice quote from Meth’s lawyer: “This is a guy who flies in the face of all stereotypes about rappers.” Well, except the one about a celebrity being dumb enough to drive around with his stash in his car. Still, if this means the next Meth/Redman collboration will be their children’s album, then it was all worth it.

Method Man Cops Plea Agreement In Marijuana Case [XXL]