Billy Corgan Tries To Pump Up His Crummy Record Sales With A Little Misogyny

noah | August 27, 2007 10:30 am

His attempt at recapturing the zeitgeist has been met with a collective lack of attention from those people who still buy records, so what can Billy Corgan do to get his name back in the news? How about saying something “provocative” at the Reading Festival in the hopes that he’ll get some e-ink from NME and bloggers?

Midway through the set stage cameras panned the crowd, which included a scantily clad young woman, about whom Corgan commented “There’s something about a girl who’s willing to take her top off so quickly.”

“American girls are sluts too,” he added. “See – isn’t it great to be alternative – You can say all those things.”

Yes, that’s right: Billy Corgan is now channeling his inner Fred Durst in an attempt to be “alternative.” Or ironically “alternative.” Or maybe he’s just having a tantrum about the fact that the cameras weren’t on him, him, him. Actually, wait–that’s probably it, right? He’s just jealous because he doesn’t have boobs, the well-timed whipping-out of which could probably at least give him an extra 20,000 record sales. Oh, sexism, who knew that you’d be so unfair to aging male rockers who put out shitty “comeback” albums?

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