The My Bloody Valentine “Reunion”: Total Bullshit Or Complete and Total Bullshit?

jharv | August 27, 2007 4:03 am

We’re not immune from getting caught up in the rumor mill ourselves–holler at us, Adam Levine–and it was one thing when it was just the Daily Swarm posting links to messageboards where random whoevers were claiming to get the reunion scoop directly from the Bloody mouth. That’s just accumulated Internet crazy talk. But Billboard picking up on it? Without even the benefit of the question mark in the headline? Are there going to be blind links to some message board denizen tomorrow saying he totally heard from Jesus that the rapture is coming followed by a “Report: Jesus Mulling Over Apocalypse” story on Has the world gone mad? So we ask you to plug your own opinion over the MBV rumor–outright bullshit, or completely unverifiable Internet malarkey–into our great and powerful online poll software. And if this turns out to be true, and not a rumor after all, I pledge to not attend any of the shows, as a sign that I’ve learned I shouldn’t be so mistrustful of people on the Internet. Pinky swear:

Report: My Bloody Valentine Mulling Over Cochella Reunion [Billboard]Believe It Or Not: My Bloody Valentine Reuniting For Cochella 2008? [The Daily Swarm]