Andrew WK Does Not Need A Wake-Up Call

noah | August 28, 2007 12:32 pm
So after a lengthy delay, the third album by white T-shirt-wearer/motivational speaker/artist whose show in Philadelphia a few years back resulted in my only bone-dislocation ever Andrew WK is out in the States today, and what with today being maybe the second-slowest-news-day of my entire tenure writing this site, I figured passing along this info would at least brighten the day of one member of the Idolator faithful, if not more. Also, relistening to “Not Going To Bed” is seriously making me rethink my priorities, since there have been multiple occasions this week alone when I have, in fact, fallen asleep watching cable. Maybe that means it’s time for me to go out there, seize the day, and dislocate my other shoulder!

Andrew WK – Not Going To Bed [YouTube] Andrew WK [Load]