Good Music/Technology News For Quad Hacky Sack Champs

jharv | August 29, 2007 11:03 am

Today’s “Yahoo Serious Film Festival” headline: “Dave Matthews Blu-Ray To Feature Dolby TrueHD.” I feel old. (Or maybe just too broke for new technology.) By the way, Dave Matthews still managed to go to No. 3 with yet another live album last week–the one that said “Blu-Ray” (lol) is taken from–despite the fact that he hasn’t had a studio album or a hit single or a public gaffe in a million billion years. (Okay, two or three years.) He is officially unkillable, so long as there is an audience willing to buy new versions of Busted Stuff album tracks. But that’s not the only technological treat arriving just in time for the school year:

Verizon is now selling the first Bob Marley ringtones just in time for a 30th anniversary Exodus reissue. (Lee Perry ringtones still to come.) “Customers can now buy master ringtones of such classics as ‘Buffalo Soldier,’ ‘Redemption Song,’ and ‘One Love,’ among more than two dozen others,” Billboard reports. Being a ringtone addict and a reggae fan who’s always been cool on Marley, I’m all for Saint Bob finally entering the digital age. (Could ringtones really debase the Marley estate any more than the bootlegers and merchandisers already have?) What says “freedom” like a tinny “Concrete Jungle” coming out of a few hundred RAZR’s at once during “Rocks for Jocks”?

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