Looking Back On A Week In Which We Felt Married To Our Jobs

noah | September 7, 2007 5:39 am

• We prepared ourselves for the tornado of class that will be Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards. (The liveblog starts at 8 ET!) • And speaking of “class,” get ready for dating shows featuring Tila Tequila and “a Tommy Lee type”! • VH1’s attempt to bait us worked. • Marié Digby? More like Marié Phony, ho ho ho. • Rick Rubin wants you to join his street team. • We spent our Labor Day watching Justin Timberlake labor onstage. • We found out that Michael Anthony was the classy one. • In the criminal justice system, Benson/Stabler pairings are considered especially hot by fans of Law & Order: SVU. • We got up close and (personal) with Fergie Ferg. • Jess’ mom got closer to No. 1 on her “Top 100 R & B Songs” countdown. • Vanessa Hudgens’ nudie pic: Will it shake up the Billboard 200? • Finally, how much do we love that you guys love Sugababes, too?