Young Marble Giants Rule Our Jukebox

noah | September 11, 2007 11:45 am

One of my most treasured flea-market finds ever was a three-dollar, perfectly preserved copy of the Young Marble Giants’ 1980 album Colossal Youth that I found at a flea market outside of Philadelphia about 10 years ago; the album’s full of quiet, spare songs that turned the idea of what sort of music could be considered “punk” inside-out, which only made the culmination of my quest even more sweet. (Cardiffians, which is curated by Idolator commenter/fanzine pioneer mike a, has an exhaustive amount of info on the band.) Youth was recently given the deluxe-reissue treatment over here (complete with a bonus disc of Peel Sessions) after being criminally out-of-print for way too long; we’ve posted the gently looping “Wurlitzer Jukebox,” which is probably the album’s most oddly catchy song, below:

Young Marble Giants – Wurlitzer Jukebox [MP3] Young Marble Giants [MySpace]