Season Premiere Of “Cold Case” To Be Subtitled “I Loved The ’90s”

noah | September 12, 2007 9:30 am

If you have a sudden ’90s-nostalgia jones that can only be cured by the promise of a scripted show about that storied time, you may want to catch the season premiere of the CBS procedural Cold Case, which will delve deep into the Nirvana catalog for an episode that’s loosely based on the story of the West Memphis Three:

The Sept. 23 season premiere of “Cold Case” will feature eight of the band’s songs: “All Apologies,” “Stay Away,” “If You Must,” “Lithium,” “Drain You,” “Something in the Way” and “Heart Shaped Box.”

The episode of the CBS procedural is called “Thrill Kill,” and concerns an investigation into a 1994 case “about two seemingly nihilistic male teens who may have been falsely accused and convicted of murdering three 10-year-old boys,” “Cold Case” executive producer Veena Sud, who wrote the episode, said in a statement issued by the network. …

“The episode… takes place several weeks after the ‘Cold Case’ Season 4 finale, when Lilly (Kathryn Morris) was shot and critically wounded,” according to CBS’ Monday press release. “She has just returned to work and tries to convince her boss, Stillman (John Finn), and herself that she’s emotionally ready to spearhead the re-opening of the disturbing 1994 case after new evidence suggests that the boys’ real killer may still be at large.”

The story laid out in CBS’ synopsis, by the way, bears a resemblance to the real-life case of the West Memphis Three. During the mid-90s, three young Arkansas men were convicted of the 1993 murders of three 8-year-old boys. The three men convicted in the case, which was investigated in the documentaries “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Lost 2,” have many high-profile supporters in the rock and alternative-music scenes who think the men were wrongfully convicted.

Well, I guess really trying hard to appeal to the thirtysomething demographic can be considered a “youth movement” for CBS, right?

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