Tommy Lee Is <em>Not</em> Leaving Motley Crue (Maybe)

jharv | September 14, 2007 10:35 am

Make up your damn mind! Five days after the “Kid Pebble” dick-measuring contest and one day after it was announced Mr. Lee would be leaving Motley Crue (this time…forever!), Tommy’s biggest publicity week in eons closes out with him claiming that he doesn’t really wanna break up with his common-law wives of almost three decades after all:

“I am a founding member of MÖTLEY CRÜE,” he said. “Based on internal band issues aired publicly, my future with the band is uncertain. I have tried to meet with my bandmates repeatedly without success but have informed them that I’m not walking away from my band of 25 years. It troubles me that the current legal issues which were filed by the corporations against my personal manager are separating us and causing more dysfunction. I hope we can work this out amongst ourselves.”

I hope so, too. But I worry that, as per the band’s instructions, Tommy will not be able to kick the greatest addiction of all: making a total ass of himself in public.

Tommy Lee: “I’m Not Walking Away” From Motley Crue [Blabbermouth]