Kanye Vs. 50: Our Brief National Irritation Is Finally (For All Intents And Purposes) Over

jharv | September 18, 2007 5:13 am

Hey everyone, do you finally want to know who won the year’s biggest non-issue, the battle royale between two overgrown rapping children for the all-but-devalued Billboard No. 1 spot? A hint: even if you’re a sourpussed crank who’s been talking shit about this media-circus-cum-sales-“beef” from jump, you’ll probably still be happy. Keep in mind, however, that these are strictly preliminary numbers until tomorrow:

Kanye: 960k Fifty: 660k K. Chesney: 400k

And yes, though I know I shouldn’t care about this sort of trivial marketing ploy by two objectionable millionaires who already enjoy fame and financial security beyond my wildest imaginings, especially in face of Iraq/the growing problem of third-world “megaslums”/the housing market imploding/the price of cigarettes in New Jersey, I’m still smiling.

West Is Best [Hits Daily Double]