Akon Travels Through Time To Destroy Pop Stars Of The Past

jharv | September 19, 2007 10:00 am

Not content to systematically ruin my enjoyment of modern pop music, Akon has now pledged to travel back in time to stain the pop stars of the 1980s, telling MTV that he has time booked behind the boards with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Whitney Houston. Mum was the word from our pop Mr. Peabody on the details of the first two, but he gushed openly about his work with Whitney:

“I’m starting on Whitney’s project,” he said. “She’s the truth. She’s undeniable. She’s got so much to think about, sing about. This album is going to be one of the biggest albums she decided to put out. She has so much energy, so much happiness and sadness to incorporate into the album. Her voice is strong enough to deliver any message she wants to sing to the world. It’s outta here.”

Silly Akon! You can’t just Auto-Tune the crack out of someone!

Akon Raves About Working With Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston [MTV]