In Which We Get Lost In YouTube’s “Most Recent Uploads” Thicket

noah | September 20, 2007 2:05 am
OK, OK, I’m going to make up for the Nitro post by posting this clip, which I was reminded of accidentally this morning while looking for links to commemorate the 40th birthday of Matthew and Gunnar Nelson. See, apparently Universal Music Group has found an intern to put its deep catalog online, resulting in weird things like a crummy Black N’ Blue video from 1986 being near the top of today’s “most watched music” chart; the above clip for Veruca Salt’s grimy, snotty “All Hail Me” was also among the new uploads, but the UMG version is (of course) unembeddable (gotta get that ad revenue!), so here’s a slightly lower-quality version of the video from what looks to be a VHS’ed episode of MuchMusic’s “Spotlight” show from many years back. Really, a kids’ birthday party was the only place this video could have been set, right?

Veruca Salt – All Hail Me [YouTube]