Spice Girls Show Sells Out In 38 Seconds, Bono To Join Group As “Anti Spice”

noah | October 1, 2007 10:05 am

Tickets for the Spice Girls’ Dec. 15 show at London’s O2 Arena sold out in 38 seconds flat this morning, with more than one million people who’d pre-registered for tickets to the show “bombard[ing] the lines” for Ticketmaster, according to the ticketing behemoth’s UK boss.

The Spices have added three shows to their London run in response. But while demand to see the Girls in person has been high, bigwigs at the label are apparently nervous about their forthcoming album (out next month!) being a flop–so they’ve reportedly contracted Bono to write a song for it. Surely this has rumor to be the result of some sort of transmission glitch, right? Because unless this means that Melanie C is going to tackle “Lemon,” I smell one of the worst ideas ever.

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