Led Zeppelin Passcodes: Almost As Hot As Hannah Montana Tickets

noah | October 2, 2007 11:15 am

Still waiting for that e-mail saying that you won a passcode to buy tickets for Led Zeppelin’s reunion show in London? Well, fear not–the always-hot “secondary market” has a bunch of passcodes for sale, and if you’re the lucky winner of one of the auctions for passcodes currently raging (highest “buy it now” price: £1,000, with no extra shipping charges), you can spend even more money on … well, you may not be able to buy anything if the promoter of the show, Harvey Goldsmith, has its way:

Those who registered for tickets must provide a full name and address matching the details that they originally registered for the ballot – meaning that the pass-codes would only work for the original person who registered.

There is also a series of security questions that will have to be answered before pass-code holders can buy tickets.

Furthermore, ticket-holders will have to present valid ID to gain access to the venue in November.

No word on whether or not ticketholders would also have to answer a series of questions pertaining to their favorite sports teams and breakfast-food preferences before they got to actually plant their asses in their seats. But I bet the lines to get into the venue are going to be atrocious–get there super-early if you want to see Paolo Nutini!

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