T.I. Slams, Jumps Around, Waves Louisville Slugger At Camera

jharv | October 3, 2007 3:05 am
Since the overlong, overly generic T.I. Vs. T.I.P. floated right past me the few times I’ve bothered playing it in full, the title of this song had me expecting “Hurt” to be a T.I-fronted, emo slow jam about the travails of a semi-reformed thug trying to hang onto his lady friend who’s done him wrong.

Instead it’s a T.I.P.-fronted, “I’m going to smack you upside your slick-talking noggin with a baseball bat” single. Whoops. With its murky, black and white industrial atmosphere and its all-black outfits and its quasi-formation dancing and its dudes-jumping-up-and-down homoeroticismtestosterone, it looks like a the director and production designer smooshed together an unused Janet-circa-Rhythm Nation video and stock footage of Onyx from the vault. And I’m okay with that combination.

T.I. – “Hurt” [Nah Right]