Compare And Contrast: Steve Perry Vs. The Latest Guy To (We Think) Front Journey

jharv | October 3, 2007 3:30 am

Straight from–Maura: “A.K.A. ‘where I go to find out about the DANGER DANGER REUNION'”–we learn that “the man in the middle [of this photo] is Philippine vocalist Arnel Pineda (of Asian rock band The Zoo). If you believe the word out there, the deal is done and an announcement will follow in due course.” The “deal” being that Pineda has supposedly been tapped to replace forgettable yarler/warm body Jeff Scott Soto as the lead singer of Journey. How snugly does Pineda fit into Perry’s mullet and jean jacket? Decide for yourself after the jump:



Well, he accquits himself pretty well, I think, but fella, I spent many hours playing Joust at the Jamesway shopping center to the strains of Steve Perry. And you are no Steve Perry. But even more than Pineda’s Perry-o-phonic fidelity, the real question might be how the fictional Middle-American residents of fictional South Detroit will take to Journey’s latest addition.

“And is this the 2008 line-up of Journey?” [] The Zoo – “Don’t Stop Believin” [YouTube] Journey – “Don’t Stop Believin” [YouTube]