The Cleveland Indians’ At-Bat Music: There’s No Room For Ryan Adams Here

noah | October 4, 2007 12:29 pm
To prepare for the Cleveland Indians’ playoff opener against the (sigh) Yankees this evening, the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Chuck Yarborough has put together a compendium of the players’ at-bat music picks, complete with YouTube/MySpace links and “funny” commentary on each song. (In response to Jhonny Peralta’s selection of Daddy Yankee’s “Impacto,” Yarborough writes: “Domo Arigato Mr. Impacto.” Don’t you just love when big media gets bloggy?)

In all seriousness, though this is one of those features that is really fun to skim through (beat writers looking for a good off-day story, take note!), if only because you get to see just how much crappy metal lives on in the planes and hotel rooms of America’s most prominent athletes. Static-X, S & M-era Metallica, and Staind serve as the introductions for Grady Sizemore, Casey Blake, and Jason Michaels, respectively; how Staind can be either rallying or intimidating is something that will bewilder me until the end of time, or at least the ALCS. There’s also the now-mandatory inclusion of “This Is Why I’m Hot” (Ryan Garko, who apparently ditched Ryan Adams for MIMS and other ringtones currently in vogue like “A Bay Bay”). The best pick song-wise is probably Eve’s slept-on “Tambourine,” which is the music of choice for Kenny Lofton, but for sheer intimidation factor I’d have to go with Travis Hafner’s selection, if only because it confused Yarborough so much that it send him into an incoherent string of Humphrey Bogart references:

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