Guest Editor Looks Familiar For Some Reason

kater | October 12, 2007 8:45 am

Hello, and welcome to Guest Edit II: Revenge of the Intern. I’m Kate Richardson and I’ll be filling in for the boss lady today. I know that you have a Maura-shaped hole in your heart right now, but I’m here for you during this time of trial, and I’ve brought YouTube clips! (As usual.) Last time I guest-edited the servers defected in protest, but I’m hoping today I can keep them happy. Most of my vital information can be found in that original intro, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain myself a little bit further with a clip of some music from my homeland:

I don’t know why embedding is disabled, but here it is.

That’s Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jerry Jeff Walker, and various other members of the Lost Gonzo Band, a group of Texas-based musicians of the peculiar “hippie redneck” variety in the 1970s. I actually don’t know a ton about these guys (except for Jerry Jeff), but I do know that their particular brand of crass-and-folksy yet witty-and-intelligent swagger represents all that is right with (good) Texas music and the state in general. My taste is by and large fairly typical for a person of my age and circumstance, but this specialized genre is a vital–if hidden–element of my musical personality. Get enough “Texas pride beer” in me and I might just sing you a verse or two of “Mr. Bojangles.”

The only other thing you might possibly need to know about me: “I like drive-in picture shows, kissin’ long, and lovin’ slow.”

I just hope they stop asking me to guest-edit before I run out of clips from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.