Johnny Rotten On Green Day: “Like Old Gorgonzola Cheese In Old Boots”

jharv | October 12, 2007 3:00 am

Displaying the acute cultural awareness that we’ve come to love the spiky little troll for, Johny Rotten recently went off on a trademark tear for MTV where he dissed the American Idiots for “bandwagon jumping” and confused the guy who played Two-Face in Batman Forever with the drummer for Methods of Mayhem, among other things:

“I love to tease that lot, because I think they’re dopey,” he said of Green Day. “They hold no promise, no future. They jumped on a bandwagon that was all clearly laid out for them, forgetting all the bands that did the groundwork, putting together a punk movement. They came in and said, ‘Yes, we can wear these clothes and have our hair like this, wear those boots and play music that way, and we’ll call ourselves punk.’ Not much thought went into them. Nothing — nothing original. Therefore they smell, big time. They’re like old gorgonzola cheese in old boots.

“The current state of music is dour — it’s lifeless and listless and mediocre,” he continued. “When you look at the last Video Music Awards fiasco, when you get Kid Rock and Tommy Lee Jones [note: It was actually Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, not the actor — although that would have rocked] fighting over that worn-out old blown-up woman. It’s insane. It’s daft. How were they let in? I’ve never been invited. Maybe they were afraid I’d cause trouble — what? Like everybody else does?”

Why isn’t this guy blogging exactly? “Didn’t anybody take a look at Britney before she trotted onstage like dobbin the donkey?” I don’t even know what that means and I’d still read it.

Johnny Rotten On Sex Pistols Reunion, Britney Meltdown [MTV]