Skull Disco Cracks Our Heads Open

jharv | October 12, 2007 4:00 am

All Hallows Eve is still a few weeks away, but one creepy crawly record that’s getting a lot of pre-Halloween play here at Idolator is Soundboy Punishments, a two CD collection of singles from England’s Skull Disco label that will be released on Rough Trade on Oct. 23. Run by gloomy producers Shackleton and Appleblim, Skull Disco’s music blends the desolate, reggae-tinged sway of London dubstep with tribal house beats that are downright haunted and all sorts of phantasmic effects designed to wig you out on late night walks with your iPod. (Ghouls and rude boys might even be able to cut a rug to it.) And we’ve got two exclusive MP3s from the collection to get your weekend off to an eerie start:

Shackleton – “Naked” Appleblim – “Mystial Warrior”

Skull Disco [Official Site]