Kid Rock Plays King Of The Charts For A Week

noah | October 17, 2007 2:20 am
Punching Tommy Lee: It works!

Kid Rock’s Rock N’ Roll Jesus sold 172,000 copies last week, and that total was enough for the oh-so-classy guy to wrest the top spot from Bruce Springsteen, whose Magic suffered a 60% sales decline and sank to No. 2. Jesus is Kid Rock’s first career No. 1, and its success probably ensures that he’ll be getting into scraps with minor celebrities at award shows before his next album drops too.

Biggest Debuts: Leann Rimes’ 12th (!) album, Family, entered the chart at No. 4; a year after her abrupt departure from Dancing With The Stars, Sara Evans’ Greatest Hits debuted at No. 8; and Josh Groban’s Noel signaled the beginning of “Holiday Albums Taking Up Top-Ten Slots” season, bowing at No. 10. Also, eagle-eyed chart watcher Chris “dennisobell” Molanphy informed me that the No. 12 debut of Jennifer Lopez’s Brave may be the first time that an album by the diva has missed the top 10–unless, of course, those ads for Chuck on NBC that use “Do It Well” spur a run to the record stores.

Notable Jumps: Colbie Caillat’s Coco bubbled up to No. 16 on a 22% sales gain; the two editions of the Across The Universe soundtrack also experienced a bit of a bounce, with the deluxe edition up 47% and the plain version up 23%. The two albums are now at Nos. 45 and 46, respectively, and I can’t help but wonder if the incessant TRL ads for the albums might actually be working. (The kids of today should defend themselves against the ’60s, etc.) Further down the chart, Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga also enjoyed a post-Saturday Night Live bounce of 26%, moving up from No. 195 to No. 147.

Dropping Off: Records that are currently outselling’s sinking-like-a-stone Songs About Girls, which is at No. 156 in its third week on the chart: My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade (No. 145, out 51 weeks); The Evolution Of Robin Thicke (No. 153, out 54 weeks); and Buckcherry’s 15 (No. 155 with a bullet, out 79 weeks). Well, at least dude knows how to twist a Little Richard sample, right?

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: Given that Nickelback’s popularity is becoming more and more explicable by the day, we may need to revisit this category’s name in an effort to stay current. Suggestions? Keep in mind that freaking Hinder is still selling enough records to be bobbing around the lower reaches of the top 200, although I’m thinking Rascal Flatts (two albums on the chart, one at No. 3, the other on the chart for 80 weeks and counting) may be a better choice. Then again, who doesn’t love a “Life Is A Highway” cover?

The top 20, with sales totals in parentheses: 1. Kid Rock, Rock N’ Roll Jesus (172,000) 2. Bruce Springsteen, Magic (133,000) 3. Rascal Flatts, Still Feels Good (96,000) 4. Leann Rimes, Family (74,000) 5. Matchbox Twenty, Exile On Mainstream (72,000) 6. Kanye West, Graduation (71,000) 7. Reba McEntire, Reba Duets (68,000) 8. Sara Evans, Greatest Hits (66,000) 9. High School Musical 2 Soundtrack (66,000) 10. Josh Groban, Noel (64,000) 11. Keyshia Cole, Just Like You (53,000) 12. Jennifer Lopez, Brave (53,000) 13. Alter Bridge, Blackbird (47,000) 14. Eric Clapton, Complete Clapton (45,000) 15. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, (42,000) 16. Colbie Caillat, Coco (41,000) 17. Foo Fighters, Echoes Silence Patience & Grace (41,000) 18. Jill Scott, The Real Thing: Words & Sounds, Vol. 3 (40,000) 19. 50 Cent, Curtis (38,000) 20. J. Holiday, Back Of My Lac’ (37,000)