“Guitar Hero 3” Gives Kim Gordon A Total Makeover

noah | October 23, 2007 11:30 am
So YouTube has been invaded by Guitar Hero 3 demo clips in anticipation of the game’s release next week, because what’s more fun than watching other people be pretty good at video games that you’ll probably suck at while you’re stuck in front of a computer? Anyway, Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing” is one of the songs included in this go-round, and there are two things notable about the game’s take on it: 1, 16-year-old gamers around the world now have the power to imagine Kim Gordon as a cross between Ana Voog and a Delia’s catalog model; and 2, out of all the guitars out there, the axe of choice for the track is a freaking Flying V.

GH3 Kool Thing [YouTube]