Led Zeppelin Fans: The Hannah Montana Fans Of The Classic-Rock Set

noah | October 26, 2007 1:15 am
They’re not racing in high heels yet, but crazed Led Zeppelin fans, desperate for tickets to the band’s show at the O2 Arena next month, are lining up to debase themselves for the chance to snag a pair of nosebleed seats. Take the poor schlub in the above clip, Mark Barnham, who buzzcut hair live on the air–the first time in 21 years he’d subjected his hair to a pair of scissors. And it was his wedding anniversary. And he didn’t even win (although his wife’s no doubt happy that her husband’s cleaned up his act).

Mark Barnham got up at 3am – on his wedding anniversary – and drove from his Brighton home to the Virgin headquarters where he shaved off his hair, the first time it had been cut in 21 years.

One man walked from Dartford in Kent to the London studio with ‘Led Zeppelin’ emblazoned on his bare chest in permanent marker.

A listener offered a signed 2006 World Cup England shirt signed by Wayne Rooney and David Beckham, while another volunteered to drive his car off the white cliffs of Dover.

But the winner was Grant Marzell, 37, from Hainault, Essex. He arrived at the studio and waxed his chest live on air.

Worried that his stunt wasn’t enough to land the prize, he went off and had the Virgin Radio logo tattooed on his arm. And he promptly burst into tears when told he had won.

Aw. (Although I kind of wish the guy offering to drive his car off the cliffs had won, if only because seeing him pick up his tickets would have made for a much better YouTube clip.)

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