Blake Lewis Makes A Break For It

noah | October 30, 2007 10:00 am

ARTIST: Blake Lewis TITLE: “Break Another” WEB DEBUT: Oct. 30, 2007

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: I was cool on Blake’s beatboxing ways during the last season of American Idol, it’s true, but the midtempo “Break Another” is pretty nifty, in a “good for the gym” sort of way; at its outset, the song sounds like a non-sociopathic version of Maroon 5’s “Wake Up Call,” only with beatboxing and an overbearing string-flourish sample on the chorus that was probably contractually required by the Idol people. That all changes at the song’s bridge, though, when a crazy-stuttery dance beat comes in; perhaps this part of the song will be depicted in the video by Blake being deposited square in the middle of a rave or something? Anyway, between this and the other song by Lewis that leaked overnight–the slick bit of white-boy-funk “Know My Name”–I’m actually sort of looking forward to his full-length A.D.D., especially since the attendant press won’t be full of virginity-pledge tripe. WHERE TO FIND IT: My Domain Of Craziness has an MP3;

Blake Lewis [MySpace]