Jay-Z Has A Few Friends Over For Some Quiet Drinks

jharv | November 6, 2007 4:40 am

Jay-Z takes the lyrical/visual combo literal with the celebrity cameo-saturated video for the celebratory second single from American Gangster, working his Rolodex overtime and maxing out his bar tab, as is the prerogative of your average bazillionaire. Even dirtbag bloggers who rarely do their laundry have to admire the way those suits almost speak louder than the horns. And not content to let Ridley Scott have all the fun, Jay humbly requests you watch the whole thing, because the out-of-nowhere twist ending means he might be prepping a non-shameful “Trapped In The Closet” with a six-figure budget.

Video: Jay-Z – Roc Boys [Nah Right]