Dinosaur Jr. Thinks Heaven Is A Bunch Of Hand Puppets

jharv | November 7, 2007 12:30 pm

My greatest random MP3 score was an unlabeled vintage live recording of Dino doing “Just Like Heaven,” where a gnarlier-than-usual J. Mascis sounds like his already taxed wah-wah pedal bursts into flames on the second solo. Then my circa-’98 hard drive got wiped out seven times over. Can you see the tears? But the video for the 1989 studio version has ratty Muppets moshing around a tiny punk house and the band goofing off so much they forget to mime for their big 120 Minutes close-up. Which is just as rad as a face-eroding, noise-pop squall of a guitar solo. Maybe moreso!

Dinosaur Jr. – “Just Like Heaven” [YouTube]