The My Bloody Valentine Reunion: Totally And Completely 100 Percent Verified (For Sure This Time)?

jharv | November 7, 2007 2:30 am

Maybe. Probably. Perhaps. Could be. The Daily Swarm certainly seems to think so, having viewed an advance copy of an interview (debuts this Monday) with MBV frontman Kevin Shields for Ian Svenonius’ Soft Focus webcast, wherein Shields suggests that a buncha stuff from the My Bloody Vault is being dusted off and gussied up for a forthcoming album, which would become the Agonizingly Awaited Follow-Up To Loveless by default.

While Shields claims a My Bloody Valentine album is due this year, he gives no indication of exactly when or how it will be released. When the group split up in 1995 they had already left Creation Records and signed a legendarily ill-fated deal with Island, but it is unlikely that the contract remains in effect after all this time. The band recently activated and Shields’ manager confirmed the the site is being built by Debbie Goodge, the band’s bass player. It is possible that the album will see an independent, Internet-only. Radiohead style release, and a release date could be announced at any time.

Skeptical? Little old us? Still? After having our previous skepticism publically poo-pooed? With Shields captured on film like the scared groundhog he is? Maybe a smidge, having spent a decade-and-a-half listening to Shields claim the new My Bloody Valentine record was right around the corner. (Plus the fact that the “new” record is described as a cobbled-together collection of “this ’96/’97 record half-finished record finished, and then a compilation of stuff we did before that in 1993-94, and a little bit of new stuff” with no mention of who was involved, even if the intimation is that it was the full band.) Now no one, except perhaps a certain Idolator commenter, would love MBV to be back in the saddle more than us, and so we’ll happily eat our words should these lost tapes materialize in a form we can actually pay for. But once 800 times bitten…

My Bloody Valentine: The Reunion Confirmed [The Daily Swarm]