Usher Makes Our Teeth Ache

noah | November 12, 2007 9:30 am

ARTIST: Usher (feat. Ludacris) TITLE: “Dat Girl Right There” WEB DEBUT: Nov. 11, 2007

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: When listening to Usher’s monster hit from a few years back, “Yeah!,” did you ever feel that what the song needed was less Lil’ Jon, and more music that sounded like someone rubbing their wet fingers on a balloon, then turning that sound way, way, way up? If so, then “Dat Girl Right There”–the lead single from Usher’s forthcoming album, which has apparently been moved up from “indefinitely postponed” to “maybe coming out sometime in 2008, we think”–is for you. The rest of the song kind of takes a backseat to the chaos provided by the backing track; Usher sings about seeing a girl, falling for her at first sight, etc., and Ludacris drops in for the chorus and a bridge where his voice is pitch-shifted so that it matches the squeak-sounds at each verse’s end. WHERE TO FIND IT: Chris Picks, who is really not into the squeaks. At all.

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