Fake Fergie Sex Tape: Most Unappealing Fake Sex Tape Ever?

jharv | November 14, 2007 9:40 am

So there’s a Fergie sex tape. Purportedly. We’re not gonna link it because it’s A.) clearly not her and B.) we care about you and most importantly C.) it’s something like No. 8 on Google Trends right now. But mainly because it’s not really her. Apparently any leathery woman drinking Moet from the bottle in a fedora is easily mistaken for Fergie? Before we watched this–it begins on the toilet–we assumed a fake Fergie sex tape would be the most unerotical, non-Scott Stapp/Kid Rock sex tape featuring a musician possible. Fake or real. But now we’re not so sure. Especially considering there are so many objectionable male musicians. So we polled the biggest celebrity sex tape obsessive we know to come up with this list.

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And no, “this kind of trash is beneath us” is not an acceptable write-in response. You clicked it!

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