Daryl Hall Invites The Internet Over To His House For A Little Pre-Holiday Cheer

noah | November 14, 2007 11:25 am

For those of you who are planning on being housebound tomorrow night, Daryl Hall is throwing a Webcast at his house tomorrow night, one that he’s comparing to “an Internet version of Live With Jools Holland.” The show’s set for 8 p.m., and it’ll even have some guests:

Among the guests scheduled to stop by as Daryl debuts some of his new songs are Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy, Flight of the Conchords’ Bret and Jemaine as well as partner John Oates and longtime band member T-Bone Wolk.

Just think: If it’s successful, not only will Hall probably do a holiday-themed Webcast that brings the spirit of Hall & Oates’ “Jingle Bell Rock” video to the new millennium, it’ll further solidify Ana Voog‘s position as the one true visionary as far as the new model for music-dissemination is concerned. Well, OK, maybe that’ll only be proven true if everyone strips down and starts an orgy…

Live From Daryl’s House [Official site; HT cat dirt sez]