My Bloody Valentine To Appear In A Room Together Next Summer

jharv | November 15, 2007 9:30 am

Hey, guess who’s been booked for some shows.

Yes, it turns out ATP has a flyer up advertising, count ’em, three shows from a reunited My Bloody Valentine in London, Manchester, and Glasgow next June and July. Tickets apparently go on sale tomorrow from the venues. And as promised way back when the rumors hit and we called bullshit, we’ll certainly stick to our promise of not attending any of these reunion concerts should they come to pass. Mr. Daily Swarm can enjoy his crowing. And hopefully you can enjoy the fact that Idolator’s not a news-y links shill/front for Vice and/or a bunch of other publicity firms. Whoops, using the out loud voice there.

My Bloody Valentine [ATP via the Daily Swarm]