50 Cent Committed To Decrying Questionable Standards Applied To Sexism, Homophobia, Pointless Violence

jharv | November 16, 2007 3:30 am

Curtis is still anguished over MTV censoring the title of Akon collabo “I’ll Still Kill” to “I Still Will,” and he’s not going to shut up until he’s indicted everyone who’s ever benefitted from the confusing standards that somehow allow former teen star trainwrecks to turn anti-female slurs into celebrated pop cultural catchphrases. Or something.

“I guess they have their rules that apply individually to each artist separately: ‘Oh no, he can’t say that, ’cause he feels like that about that person,’ ” he said. “But it’s not a rule that applies to everybody else. Matter of fact, my next single, I’m going to start it [with], ‘It’s Britney, bitch!'”

Silly! But still no mention of Maroon 5?