Kid Rock: Not Worthy To Be On Skinemax

jharv | November 19, 2007 9:30 am

When you’re flipping through the TV listings on Saturday and see Cinemax touting a “Kid Rock Video Premiere”–an “uncensored” version, no less–one tunes in with certain expectations. (Even Maura responded to the news of Kid Rock on Cinemax with a text message that simply read: “boobies?”) But this clip is totally SFW. Can Kid Rock even manage being a properly unconscionable sleazedouche anymore? Still, while the song boogies with the verve of a Puddle Of Mudd b-side, the chorus is worth quoting:

Because you know you’re So hot I wanna get you alone So hot I wanna get you stoned So hot I dont wanna be your friend I wanna fuck you like I’m never gonna see you again

Ah, so it’s his lyrics that are keeping the unconscionable sleazedouche rep alive. (I’m sure she wants to fuck you like she’s never gonna see you again, too, Bob.) Also: WTF at “premiering”? This crud has apparently been on YouTube for months. We call foul, Cinemax. On multiple levels.

Kid Rock – “So Hott” [YouTube]