Nas Goes On Nose-Tweaking Rampage As He Drops More “Provacative” Hints About His Upcoming Album

jharv | November 29, 2007 1:30 am

After teasing the media for months with the racial slur-based title of his forthcoming album, all while withholding any other pertinent info, you can almost see the grin on nasty Nasir’s face as he discusses the album’s “myriad of racial slurs” with MTV. At least now no one can say he’s not an equal opportunity offender, and he’s certainly come up with at least one pretty ballsy song title.

“I have a song called ‘The Fear,’ ” he said. “The full title of the record is ‘The Fear of the Black Man’s D—.’ That’s some sh– you can get comedy [from], or you can get some seriousness from it when you talk about the barbaric castrations that happened in our past — which is very serious, nothing to laugh at…”

Nas clarified that he will be combating a myriad of racial slurs, not just the one after which he named his album.

“It’s about the attacks that have happened to blacks, whites, all ethnicities,” he continued. ” ‘Mick’ niggers, ‘guinea’ niggers, ‘kike’ niggers. I have a song called ‘You a Nigger Too.’ “ “It’s all over the place,” he added. “Balance is so important because there’s a fun level to the [album] too. There’s an attractive, sexy, aspect to it; a stylish aspect, a flashy aspect. It takes negatives and makes them good.”

Nas, we love you. You know this. But you’re this close to turning into someone happy to manufacture controversy for the sake of it, which means this album needs to be the best thing you’ve done in years if you don’t want it to be remembered simply as the record that allowed bloggers everywhere to use the uncensored N-word in as many headlines as possible.

Nas Reveals Details About Controversial LP [MTV]