Looking Back On A Week Where We Started Taking Stock Of 2007 (And Watched The New t.A.T.u. Video A Few Dozen Times)

jharv | November 30, 2007 6:00 am

• You guys really enjoy debating year-end lists. • The new t.A.T.u. video: somehow the planet is still nterested in half-dressed, barely legal, pregnant lesbians. Especially if there’s guns. • We got up close and personal with the people who made Paramore’s fanbase possible. • Will we ever pass up an opportunity to use the Megabugs photo? • Cobra Starship’s bassist asked a sadly non-rhetorical question. • Concert giant Live Nation can’t even afford to get its employees drunk for the holidays. • We learned how to be a jam band fan. • Universal Music Group head honcho Doug Morris tried to make a serious point using the funnies. • Magnet knows what side it’s beardbread is buttered. • Smoking and indie rock: equally bad for you. • And voting in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year contest begins next week! Someone might even beat Ted Nugent!