Obama Vs. Clinton: Whose Musical Taste Sucks More?

jharv | December 5, 2007 12:30 pm

So Barry Obama’s big benefit shindig coming up next week in California features musical endorsements from Ne-Yo (yay!), the Goo Goo Dolls (uh), Nicole Scherzinger (ack), and will.i.am (dear lord no). Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton has recently ditched Celine Dion’s “You And I” (holy shit) as her campaign song in favor of Big Head Todd And The Monsters’ “Blue Sky” (could be worse, right?). Forgetting their opinions about, like, stuff salient to running a country, this does not particularly fill us with hope for the future. (Even the Republicans are showing better taste this time out; for instance, did you know Mitt Romney’s campaign tune is “I Get Around”*?) So we put it to you, a year or so early, to decide who you would vote for based solely on these less than stellar musical track records.

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Obama ’08 [Official Site; HT DHMBIB] “You And I” No More? [Political Radar via the Daily Swarm]

* Possibly wishful thinking on the part of your reporter.