Khia’s Pearls Of Wisdom

jharv | December 6, 2007 12:50 pm

Over the next week, Fresh at Crunk And Disorderly has promised us a preview, updated daily, of blush-inducing rapper Khia’s “advice” column “Tough Love,” and after you read this excerpt of her reply to a young gentleman worried about coming out of the closet, you’ll wonder why she hasn’t been snatched up by the Advocate already.

Come on now, let’s play fair. If you want dick, say it loud and proud, don’t keep secrets and leave people in the blind…There’s so many homo thugs out there, damn another one down. Ladies please strap up. The thugs ain’t safe no more, no disrespect to the gay men out there. Hell I love me some dick too but damn stop stalking out all our men. We have enough problems with the bitches, it’s 20 to 1. Lord please let my people go, hello!!!!!

Now that’s the kind of tongue-lashing you’d never get from Dear Abby.

Ask Khia [Crunk And Disorderly]