Blake Lewis Visits The “Make Your Own Video” Booth At Adventureland

noah | December 6, 2007 4:30 am

Say what you will about the tie-dyed, color-inverted video for the American Idol runner-up’s first single from Audio Daydream, but it’s at least more interesting–in a “what the heck has he been smoking to obliterate his memory of the fact that he sang ‘This Is My Now’ in public?” way–than Jordin Sparks’ anemic “Tattoo” clip. Also, bonus points for having the video-ending throwdown take place in front of a Johnny Freakin’ Rockets, although wouldn’t this whole clip have been better if Blake and his bandmates were actually playing dual roles as the restaurant’s singing burger-slingers? Ah, there’s always next time.

Blake Lewis – Break Anotha [Dailymotion via Kevipod Music]