The True Genesis Of That OneRepublic Song Revealed Through The Power Of Math

noah | December 11, 2007 5:10 am

“Apologize” by OneRepublic and Timbaland: It’s still inescapable. But last night, while being subjected to it for the 8,439th time this month, I hit on the formula that no doubt led to it blanketing radio stations in this drained-of-true-adult-contemporary-hits era! Let’s think of it in mathematical terms. To wit:

“Apologize” X (oomph factor) + an honest-to-God big hook =

Next up: Timbaland tries to resuscitate Nicole Scherzinger’s career with a “political” song that’s basically just a watery version of “Land Of Confusion,” complete with Nicole-in-puppet-form video. You heard it here first!

Take Me Home Music Video [YouTube]I