Britney Spears: Another Day, Another Drama (Only This One Is (Sorta) Scripted)

noah | December 17, 2007 9:00 am

Wearing an outfit that looks like it was left over from her greatest-hits cover shoot and an expression that looks like she was just awakened from a Cheeto-dream-filled nap, Britney Spears shimmies and mimes her way through the paparazzi-filled video for “Piece Of Me,” the plot of which you can probably figure out even if you’ve only heard the song in passing while picking up beer and shampoo at your local convenience store. She hides from the cameras! She uses her friends as decoys! She lures a man into the bathroom for a tryst, only to expose him as a money-grubbing jerk who isn’t even that hot! She wears sunglasses at night and indoors! She changes her hairstyle in the middle of her dance routine! While not as grand a statement as OMG Is Lindsay Lohan Like OK Like, “Piece Of Me” does continue the “is she being played or is she playing everyone or… wait, why am I thinking about this so much? GOD!!!!” narrative that has been dominant in Spears’ discourse with the greater world in 2007, and it should probably also serve as a sign that this whole circus isn’t going to abate anytime soon, no matter what California’s family court judges have to say about it.

Britney Spears – POM – Piece Of Me (Official Video Clip [YouTube] Britney Spears [MySpace]