How To Get From Vanessa Carlton To Ozzy In One Step

jharv | December 19, 2007 2:30 am
I quite enjoy Vanessa Carlton’s 2004 single “White Houses,” but I do not come to you today to debate the merits of this piano-pumping ode to the joys and terrors of losing your virginity in some jerk’s car. See, after three years I can’t really remember when I first noticed the similarity of “White Houses” to the song posted after the jump. Perhaps I was tipped off by my ’80s-obsessed boss at the record store I worked at when “White Houses” was first released? Maybe I noted the comparison being made on a clever blog or message board? Perhaps it came to me in a dream? But whenever and however, I can’t hear “White Houses” now without thinking of this:

I mean…I’m not crazy, right? Surely someone else has noted/noticed this. Seriously, the next time you’re at karaoke try singing one over the other and freak out your pals in the process. Or not. It ain’t no big thing.

Vanessa Carlton – “White Houses” [YouTube] Lita Ford – “Kiss Me Deadly” [YouTube]