Starbucks To Receive Much-Needed Valentine’s Day Cash (And Sax) Infusion

jharv | December 20, 2007 4:30 am
Starbucks announced its latest musical acquisition today, a soprano sax player born one Kenneth Gorelick, who will be dropping his bazillionth album at Starbucks locations and brick-and-mortar joints on Feb. 5. Rhythm And Romance is a “set of Latin love songs” that G-pack says “has allowed my music to grow in ways I have never expected.” We’re sure every snarky motherlover out there with a WordPress account is wracking themselves to come up with the funniest “lol @ the ironies of Kenny G signing to Starbucks” joke, but you won’t be laughing when Rhythm And Romance goes on to outsell every other record of 2008, including Josh Groban’s latest holiday album (Arbor Day? St. Swithin’s?) and High School Musical 3. (Who knew the Wildcats would be “lucky enough to all go to the same college”?) Also! This totally gives us a chance to once again post the “Voices That Care” clip.

Kenny G Goes Latin For Starbucks Debut [Billboard]