We Take The “Best Albums Of ’07” Listmaking To The Streets

noah | December 21, 2007 3:30 am

On a drizzly night this week, Idolator videographer Alex Goldberg headed out to the corner of Bedford Ave. and N. 7th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to find out what the people–that is, people who weren’t too busy fiddling with the placement of their year-end lists to actually leaved the house–enjoyed listening to in 2007. What was the most popular album among the people he surveyed? Kala. What came in second as far as responses go? “I don’t really listen to music”/”I didn’t really pay attention this year.” And this is from people who are standing mere blocks away from an actual store where recorded music is sold. Perhaps we should send him to a station outside the soon-to-be-former Virgin Megastore next.