Which Rapper Spent Christmas Pretending To Be Miley Cyrus?

jharv | December 27, 2007 1:00 am

And now for a heartwarming holiday tale about how a buncha California Christians got profanely Rick (Ross) Rolled: “The family bought a Disney channel CD that was supposed to have Hannah Montana playing on it,” reports the local CBS News affiliate. “Instead they heard graphic gangster rap coming out of their radio. The artist on the CD, labeled Disney Channel Hits, shouts the ‘F’ word and the ‘N’ word. It’s real explicit stuff that kids should not hear, especially in a gift delivered from Santa.” Delivered from…Santa? Well actually Toys R Us, the overly twee reporters of CBS13 note, where “Santa’s helpers” picked the CD out, and neither Toys R Us nor Disney knows who’s responsible for the prank/mix-up/hilarious scarring of young psyches. But the audio clip included with the story is too tantalizingly brief to gauge which rapper was responsible for stealing Christmas. So who (we ask you) was shouting those awful words?

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Local Father Says “Hannah Montana” Gift Went Wrong [CBS13 News, via Consumerist]