The Jonas Backlash Continues: Now With 9/11 References

noah | December 28, 2007 11:30 am
So the “The Jonas Brothers suck” video we posted the other day is still lighting up YouTube, with the original clip getting removed by the service (!), the guy who made it posting an “apology video” that predictably turns into more sorta-homophobic big-upping of himself, and, as is custom on YouTube, a countless number of response videos like the profanity-laced one above, which is by a very angry young woman who goes by the name of ADiehardFOBFan and who I think compares the Jonas Brothers to the masterminds of–wait for it!–9/11. Basically, all of this is making me really, really glad that webcams and YouTube weren’t around back in those days when I was really into embarrassing myself in the name of rebellion. Also: Slipknot is “emo”? Is that classification just given to anyone who wears makeup these days?

Re: The Jonas Brothers suck [YouTube]