The Worst Album Cover Of 2007 Revealed: Budding Art Directors, Take Note

noah | December 31, 2007 12:00 pm

Well, the weeks of polling are over, and we have a winner in our first annual Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament. Before you click through, feel free to reflect on our final eight, and check out a late-arrival cover that should at least get some sort of honorable mention. OK, the suspense is killing you, right? Right?


Congratulations, Eagle Records art department! Be on the lookout for your Spirograph sometime in the next seven to 10 business days. And for all of you who stuck with us over these weeks of voting and who aren’t very surprised by this outcome (but hey, at least you learned who Helalyn Flowers is), here’s a, uh, “treat”: the cover for Love Grenade‘s Japanese edition:


So many not-very-subtle differences! Although I guess it was pretty hard to clamp metal to the original model’s breasts on a budget of $15.99.

The 2007 Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament