Live Nation Banking On Continued World Domination Of The Jonas Brothers

noah | January 3, 2008 5:15 am

Live Nation and the Jonas Brothers have entered into a two-year worldwide touring deal worth many millions of dollars, further greasing the rails for the three mop-topped boys to make young ladies swoon, faint, and scream themselves hoarse until 2010. The first concert in the deal will take place in Tuscon on Jan. 31, with tickets going on sale a week from Saturday. (Why does something tell me that the suits at Live Nation won’t make the same underpricing mistake that whoever put on the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Best Of Both Worlds Tour did?) And for those of you who are getting sick of these three cuties now, just wait until you read this quote from JB manager Johnny Wright on his hopes for his charges’ toothpaste-bright future:

“We haven’t really started the Disney assault yet,” Wright tells

OK, he’s talking about the brothers’ forthcoming movie Camp Rock, but still: The Disney assault! That phrase sounds ripe for picking by, I dunno, Adbusters or something.

Jonas Brothers Ink Tour Deal With Live Nation [Billboard] [Photo: Getty]