Sony Hoping That Convenient Card Format Will Inspire People To Start Giving Music As Gifts Again

noah | January 7, 2008 2:30 am

Sony BMG has announced more plans for its Platinum MusicPass, the album-in-a-gift-card scheme that will allow people who pony up $12.98 to download MP3s* of the album touted on the card. In his analysis of the product, Glenn at Coolfer posits that Sony BMG is pitching the Platinum Music Pass as a gift idea; presumably it’ll be stocked with gift cards from companies like American Express and iTunes in the checkout aisles of retailers like Best Buy and Winn-Dixie. (And I do have to say that shrinking albums down to card size is an excellent way to respond to retailers’ slashing of floor space for music.) But let’s be honest: would you get your friend a Jennifer Lopez album on a plastic card as a way to say “happy birthday” or even “you might want to cut down on the blush”? Our poll on your preferred format for gifting music is after the jump.

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Sony BMG trades cards for downloaded tunes [USA Today]

* Yes, they’re DRM-free. Welcome to spring 2007, Sony.