Eminem Takes Time Off From Declining Career To Catch Life-Threatening Cold

jharv | January 8, 2008 1:45 am

Eminem is sick! Not so sick that he’s now dead, but sick enough that he had to be “rushed to the hospital… over the holidays.” Meaning Eminem is still famous enough for this to make the news, but maybe not famous enough for anyone to find out until a week or two after the fact. So what’s wrong with him?

Well, MTV sez that TMZ (where we will all one day get our “music news”) sez that Marshall was laid up due to “a serious heart condition and severe pneumonia,” and also that his “weight has exceeded 200 lbs.,” which we assume was mostly thrown in there to make those of us with post-holidays blog ass feel worse. Anyway, get well soon Em. Also, despite those rumors of new material in ’08, you should stay out of drafty studios while recuperating. We wouldn’t want you putting out another Encore while delirious with fever.

Eminem Rushed To Hospital [MTV}